Kingdom Eschatology focuses upon the fulfillment of prophecy and how we are now in God's Kingdom. There is so much more for us in the Kingdom of God at this present time than what many forms of eschatological teaching help us understand. It is high time we learn that the Kingdom does not come with observation, but is in you. Jesus never said the Kingdom would ever become physical. Somehow the Pharisaical error of a physical kingdom toppling physical governments crept into the Church.

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Everything required to occur for Christ to be seated on David's throne, seated in Heavenly places, and us together seated with Him as Kings and Priests HAS BEEN DONE. The emphasis of Bible prophecy is what Christ accomplished through the work of the cross in bringing God's Kingdom, that does not come with observation, nor ever will, and is in you. Fulfilled prophecy is not the focus of our emphasis. Where we are now, because of the prophecies fulfilled, is the issue we must all recognize and concentrate upon. We have victory over sin, satan and the world, as kings and priests with Christ. We have already come to Mount Zion and Heavenly Jerusalem, and the River of Life Is the Holy Spirit of God flowing from the Church, there for all who are thirsty to come and drink freely. We are the trees planted by the waters of this River, whose leaf shall not fade (that nations may be healed) and whose fruit withereth not (that all might taste and see that the Lord is good, and know eternal LIFE) (Psalm 1).

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This section consists of prophetic studies which you will find actually regard the inception of the New Covenant and the finished work of Jesus on the cross. They also revolve around personal spiritual growth.

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The Controversial 70th Week of Daniel

The Complete Works of Flavius Josephus:

  • Flavius Josephus

  • Josephus is our only source of knowledge for much of the history of Judaism in the First Century AD. His books provide essential background for an understanding of both the beginning of modern Judaism and of the New Testament in its historical setting. Four of his works have survived. The Jewish War (The history of the Jewish revolt against the Roman Empire in the years 66-74 AD, as experienced by Josephus himself), Antiquities of the Jews (The history of the Jews prior to the revolt, based on the Bible, other Jewish writings, and the works of previous historians), Against Apion (A defense of Judaism, answering an attack by a Roman author), and The Life (Josephus' autobiography).

  • Josephus is a powerful source of confirmation concerning the downfall of Jerusalem in AD70. Read for yourself what he witnessed regarding the siege against Jerusalem by Rome, fulfilling prophecy by Jesus Christ and the biblical prophets. His works greatly confirm the correct prophetic viewpoint.

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