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KINGDOM REVELATION! Everything surrounds the work of the cross -- Identity With Christ, Victorious Living, and even correct understanding of Prophecy.


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Pastors Mike & Iris Blume
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Thank-you for taking the time to peruse my web ministry. This web ministry is dedicated to those who desire, like myself, to know Jesus Christ in a greater and deeper manner. I desire to know Him in the low ebbs of life (the fellowship of His sufferings), and in the high tides of joy (in the power of His resurrection). Nothing else compares to truly knowing Him. Here you will find information on doctrine and prophetic thought, but I want to state right from the start that nothing compares to knowing Him. My main emphasis is dedicated to is the thought of not just knowing there is only One Precious God, but the paramount need to know God. Knowing that there is a true God is important, but knowing that One God personally, intimately, and growing in love for Him, talking with Him and walking with Him, is absolutely my heartbeat! The folks to whom I minister know that my topic of topics, and goal of all sermons is knowing Jesus Christ. Jesus said that many will come to Him calling Him "Lord," operating gifts of the Spirit that Jesus never denied as being genuine, but He will send them away saying, "I never knew you" (Matthew 7:21-29). I want more than the gifts. Obviously, operation of the gifts of the Spirit is not enough. Do not judge a real believer by their miracles and faith. Look for their desire to know Him. I simply do not want just the gifts, I want the Giver! I want more than blessings. I want the Blesser! So many seek after signs and wonders and run a fever for the supernatural experiences that can be found in Christ. That is all great! But I want more! I want Him!

And in knowing Him, we see who we are in Him! The church has to come to the awareness of who she is today and now, and all the power and authority of Christ being upon her. God's work is twofold: To have us win the world from the fallen race of Adam, and to see them born again into the new creation race of Christ, the Last Adam. And once in this church, God desires us to learn of who we are in Christ, and to realize there is no additional Kingdom to come in this world. His kingdom is not visible, nor ever will be. It does not come with observation, for it is in you. We must learn we died with Him, were buried with Him, were resurrected with Him, were quickened with Him, were ascended with Him, and were seated with Him in heavenly places above all powers and names! And we must learn to live forth in the dominion over this world as Adam was first given it, but lost it due to sin, and have REVIVAL! We can even live above sinning!

M.F. Blume



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