In the early 90s, I preached a bible study one weeknight from the book of Revelation regarding the opening of the seven-sealed book.  I told the congregation that it was a viewpoint that was entirely different from anything that I previously taught about that issue before.  I was taking it to a personal perspective, rather than an "end of the world" perspective.  I taught that we are like the books that God is opening up, and indicated that a series of dealings upon our "self-life" must occur to "break" our lives open, in order to reveal Christ.  

I do not rely upon feelings to determine what is truth.  However, there should be a witness of the Spirit when one is preaching or teaching truth.  And I was overwhelmed with an anointing presence of God as I taught, while some of the saints wept with hands raised as I taught.  What an unusual manifestation of glory in a regular, what was normally, a "toned-down" mid-week bible study!  

And I felt as though God was slapping me on the back, encouraging me, saying, "Now you're getting somewhere!"

Things progressed in the mid 90s. I formed a website and began writing my studies, and posting them on this website, not even realizing where they would take me.  A series entitled THE HOUSE ON THE ROCK SERIES, shown on this website in the MATURITY page, was the next step.  I saw the temple imagery in the book of Revelation as being indicative of the Church built on the Rock by Jesus, according to Matthew 16:18.  I began concentrating on that aspect of Revelation, noting that the book was a Revelation of Jesus Christ, and not bombs and computer chips.

Before I even recognized the slant of prophecy to be as I now see it, I did a study entitled TAKE A BITE OF ETERNAL LIFE. It is about Revelation's 5th chapter where Jesus, like a High Priest, entered heaven, like a most holy place, and obtained the book to redeem mankind -- like someone going into the Garden again, after being barred out.

I promised the Lord that I would preach this everywhere I went. It was a message that stressed Acts 2:38 salvation, and opened Revelation up in an entirely new light to me.

Shortly afterwards, I was invited to speak at the UPCI's CANADA CONFERENCE, where I preached it in obedience to my promise to God.

It was about then, also, that someone of an entirely different denomination contacted me, and indicated something miraculous was occurring. He said that he heard tapes by a man named Malcolm Smith from Britain who spoke about Revelation 5 in a manner he never read or heard before in his life. The guy asked me if I heard M. Smith before. I never heard of him in my life. He was blown away. He said the very point that I noted in my study about Jesus being High Priest and entering the most holy place of heaven is exactly what M. Smith noted that he never heard before from anyone.

Well, neither had I!

And it was THAT study that opened this entire perspective of Revelation up to me.

Soon I received a call from an apostolic minister in the USA whose congregant informed him that I was teaching the same things that he was. He was amazed at how young I was (mid 30's at that time) since he knew several others who were into this as well, but were all older brethren.  I did not see all of Matthew 24 fulfilled at that time, and this brother indicated to me that it was indeed all fulfilled.  So I began searching and challenging traditions that I had been taught years before.  I wanted to be Berean, and examine in scripture everything that I was taught to ensure that it was so.  

Then I received another note from a member of Rev. Larry T. Smith's church, who witnessed the same thing. Bro. Smith and I were teaching the same thing, too!

I contacted Bro. Smith and came to preach for him, and did not even concentrate on prophecy. However, what I concentrated upon was "who we are in Christ," and how Revelation speaks of that aspect of our lives. The work of the cross became central in my studies for those, and several more, years to follow.  Revelation became a book of Victory to me, and not something horrible.  And Bro. Smith jumped up afterwards, and noted that I preached the same thing that he was preaching at about the time I was receiving these thoughts, the mid 90s.

These two men of God were dropped into my lap, in the midst of my studies, in, what I believe to be, genuine Apostolic witness, as Paul compared notes with the ministers of genuine repute, lest he had run in vain (Gal. 2:1-2).