Key Dates in Dispensationalism's History

For a definition and explanation of dispensationalism, which I propose is error, please CLICK HERE .  Dispensationalism demands that certain events must occur in a certain timeframe.  And the following shows how dispensationalists have been wrong time and time again.

                 1830 The initial development of the pre-tribulation doctrine, either by the trance-induced 20-year-old Margaret
                 Macdonald for by John Nelson Darby.

                 1855 John Cumming announces that Russia will invade Israel: The End; Or, The Proximate Signs of the Close of
                 This Dispensation, Lecture 7.

                 1878 Publication of the immensely popular book by William E. Blackstone (W.E.B.), Jesus Is Coming.

                 1909 C. I. Scofield's Scofield Reference Bible is published by Oxford University Press.

                 1917 Balfour Declaration promises British support for the creation of a State of Israel in Palestine.

                 1925 The Scopes' "Monkey Trial" results in a public disgrace for William Jennings Bryan and the voluntary
                 withdrawal of American fundamentalism from public discourse.

                 1926 Founding of Dallas Theological Seminary.

                 1948 The creation of the modern State of Israel, May 14: the "generation of the fig tree" supposedly begins.

                 1970 Hal Lindsey's Late Great Planet Earth creates a huge new market in "ticking clock" prophecy books: an
                 unstated but obvious rejection of traditional dispensationalism's doctrine of any any-moment Rapture, which insists
                 that the 70th week of Daniel begins only after the Rapture.

                 1980 The presidential race and victory of Ronald Reagan: the New Christian Right becomes visible in the U.S.

                 1981 Rapture postponed: 1988 (40 years after the creation of the State of Israel), minus 7years for the year of the
                 Great Tribulation = 1981.

                 1988 Rapture postponed: May 14, the 40th anniversary of the creation of the State of Israel.

                 1988 Rapture postponed: Edgar C. Whisenant's prediction of a September Rapture during the Jewish
                 Rosh-hosanna. His book sells millions of copies, July through early September.

                 1989 Fall of the Berlin Wall in October.

                 1990 Iraq invades Kuwait on July 2. Dallas Seminary's Charles Dyer announces the revival of prophesied Babylon.

                 1991 January-February: U.S. obliterates Iraq's army.

                 1991 August 21: Defeat of the attempted Soviet coup; Soviet Union begins to break apart.

                 2000 The final year of the second millennium after the birth of Jesus. The Rapture is again postponed.

                 2001 The beginning of the third millennium after the birth of Jesus. The Rapture is again postponed.