MF Blume
June 7, 1998 am

John saw Heaven depicted as a place with God's throne across a sea of glass like crystal.
Between mankind and God's throne is a sea of glass.

All through the Bible we see pictures of this.



Noah's story shows us a new world to be prepared while an old, sinful world is barred away from it.

Noah found grace.  God PROMISED to save him.

Sinful humanity could not enter the new world God was going to make.

To escape this doom, God told Noah to make an ark.  


A similar picture is seen again in Moses' day.

We have water - the Nile river.

Moses enters an ark, too.



Later on we read of Israel having left the land of Egypt to arrive at the border of the Promised Land.

Before they reached the borders we read:

Joshua led Israel to the banks of the Jordan River.

A barrier was opened and we read of people dying before this barrier was opened up.

Dead flesh was always seen before people could cross a watery barrier into a place of safety.



Why is there death in this world?

A death occurred on this side of a watery barrier before An ark rescued people and took them over the barrier.


There is a strong message God is telling us.

Since death came by sin, and death was required before anyone was rescued to pass the watery barrier, we see a picture of the Gospel.

Noah believed God would send a flood and built an ark.

We must see the need of FAITH.

John was shown the glass sea between the world and the throne of God.

There was an interesting clue that brings it all together.

When Jesus died on the cross, in the Temple a VEIL ripped open, just like the JORDAN ripped open for the Israelites to enter the Land.

When John saw the Glass Sea before the throne, notice what he saw next.

No one could get into that place.
No one could cross that Glass Sea.

But suddenly:

A Lamb stood on the Glass Sea AFTER HAVING DIED.

They called the entering in of the dead and then resurrected Lamb, a WORK OF REDEMPTION.

And then we read,

John could go in himself!

Recall that the SEA OF GLASS stood before the throne in Rev. 4:6.

As Jesus walked on water, water was no barrier to Him, these people were standing on water.



They washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the lamb.
This means their sins were removed.

A cleansed garment is a Picture of sin removed.

The Kingdom of God is Heaven.


What exactly gives salvation?

Peter preached about people saving themselves from a crooked and sinful people.

What did Peter say that showed them how to be saved?
Go back a few verses.


You must die on this side of the barrier so you can enter Heaven.

  1. But if you will believe it and do something about it, Jesus died instead of you so you could enter past the barrier.
  2. And ACTS 2:38 shows us how we IDENTIFY ourselves into the opportunity of accepting Jesus' death as our own deaths.
  3. REPENT.  Die to your old way of life by praying and thanking God that Jesus died for you, and ask God to forgive all your sins.  Turn around your life, quit sinning, live everyday for JESUS CHRIST.
  4. BE BAPTIZED IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST.  Like ENTERING THE ARK.  Realize that you so much died with Jesus when you repented that you actually are buried in water, also showing that your sins cannot cross the watery barrier.  It is in Jesus Name because you are being baptized INTO HIS DEATH.
  5. RECEIVE THE HOLY GHOST.  You receive the Spirit and speak in tongues as they did when they received it, and are thereby given a RESURRECTED LIFE, and strength from God's Spirit to LIVE this new life.

Why?  Because the PROMISE is for you.

THE ARK MADE IT INTO HEAVEN across the glass sea!!