MF Blume Jan. 7/96 

A tree is pictured in this passage of Scripture. This tree has a Branch and on the branch are the 7 spirits of God. We know this Branch to be Jesus. These 7 spirits endow Jesus with the characteristics of righteous and proper judgment. This Tree is reminiscent of the Tree of Life - Wisdom - as the writer informs us in Proverbs 3:18. Wisdom sets everything pertaining to God's will in order. God intended man to live in a specific state of dominion and victory. We left that dominion when Adam fell into sin. Wisdom takes us back there.

Since God founded the earth by Wisdom, as we read in the context of Proverbs 3:18, we understand that He is implying that our lives will be set in order when wisdom is granted to us. Wisdom takes us into Canaan, as it were, our Rest, our Eden. In Isaiah 11, the context moves into an Edenic picture with wolves lying beside lambs. Genesis tells us that the situation of life in the days before the fall saw animals eating green herbs.

The picture of Isaiah 11, then, becomes quite clear in informing us that the 7 spirited Christ leads us by His Wisdom to Eden! He leads us to His Rest in the spiritual realm, represented by Canaan of old. It is the land of God's Promises! The Promised Land. Isaiah shows the wolf and lamb together in peace together with the leopard and kid, calf and young lion, cow and bear and lion and ox. Each pair depicts a clean and unclean animal. Not only does each pair show a domestic animal at peace with a predator, but also a clean animal aside the unclean, as per the Old Testament Law concerning such divisions. This picture represents the Jew and Gentile together in the single Body of Christ, no longer divided by the Mosaic Law that  served as a wall of partition making Gentiles unclean.

Notice the following verse in the context of Isaiah 11, that  reveals the very thought of Rest that we have been talking about in this study:

"...His rest shall be glorious"! The GENTILES shall seek this ensign! And the picture of wolf and lamb as representing the Gentile and Jew is clearly vindicated in this verse!

Jesus is represented as a lamb with seven eyes in the book of Revelation.

One with SEVEN eyes is said to have COMPLETE insight, as the numeral 7 represents completion. Jesus Christ can truly lead us into Rest. He is given the same 7 spirits for eyes which stood about the throne of God in the form of lamps: By seeing these lamps around the throne of God we learn that the lamps are involved with the thought of discretion and JUDGMENT. One who rules on a throne is judge and leader. And these 7 spirits of judgment are upon the lamb as seven eyes making him capable of RIGHTEOUS JUDGMENT.

As a man, the Lord Jesus was GIVEN these seven spirits. We know this since these same spirits are first seen round the throne in Rev. 4 before the Lamb was manifested. Before God was manifested in flesh as the lamb of God (1 Tim 3:16), the seven spirits of God were said to be about God's throne. Of course they are not literal lamps any more than Jesus literally had seven eyes. They depict insight, giving one the proper capability to judge righteously. They lighten, as it were, that which stands before the throne upon which God sits, that God might righteously judge the matter. Seven eyes.

The thought of many eyes is also seen in the picture of the creatures referred to as cherubims.

(The living creatures, or beasts, are the cherubims Ezekiel saw in Ezekiel 1). We first read of these creatures in Genesis after Adam was thrust out of the Garden. The Cherubims depict the restoration of creation, among other things, since their appearance portrays two of the animals dwelling together that  Isaiah mentions. Ezekiel saw one of the four faces on the cherubims as an ox, or calf, and another as a lion! Since animals such as the lion and ox dwelt together in peace in the days before the fall, and they have since become enemies, the picture of Isaiah depicts the RESTORATION of creation from the fall, and back to the state aforehand. Restoration of the Edenic peace is the only answer for such a scenario. But the most important aspect of the pre-fall state of the world is not the fact that animals do not prey on one another, but that MANKIND IS WITHOUT SIN. And that means full redemption of mankind!! Praise God! When we receive Christ's wisdom, and ourselves receive many eyes, we enter Eden's Garden again! We are restored to our intended position.

The many eyes on the cherubim represent the INSIGHT that  those who are restored will possess. Without such wisdom, we cannot return to the Garden in which life dwelt in such peace. In order for an ox and lion to be able to dwell together there must first occur a work of restoration accomplished in order to restore nature back to that pre-fall condition of life. And since these creatures have many eyes, we see a connection with the thought that those restored to God have been led by Jesus Christ's seven-spirited wisdom, and also the thought that those believers, who indeed have been restored, have been granted the insight of His wisdom.

The CREATURES had many eyes. Those restored were granted many eyes. That which formerly preyed upon the lamb, but made to dwell in peace, was given many eyes. This speaks of the truth that God grants His children wisdom, who are being restored to Edenic Rest. This is typified by seven eyes!

An Exodus of sorts is alluded to in Isaiah 11, also. It is an Exodus out of the fallen state of the world and back into the place of original positioning in the Garden. With wisdom we understand how to follow the Spirit. We understand how to use the intuition of our human spirits to sup with God and receive revelation.


The seven-branched candlestick in the Tabernacle lit the Holy Place enabling one seeking entrance into the Holiest of Holies to indeed find the entrance. With this in mind, consider the typology of the Holiest of Holies as representing the Garden of Eden! After all, as the Garden entrance was blocked by the cherubims that fallen man might not enter, the Holiest of Holies was blocked by a veil embroidered with the images of cherubims!

Compare the three realms of the land of Egypt, the wilderness and the land of Canaan in the Exodus story to picture in the tabernacle of the outer court, the holy place and holiest of holies of holies. In fact, God gave the plans for this layout of the tabernacle/temple in the very book of Exodus in which we read of Israel's journey from Egypt to Canaan! The two pictures are intimately linked!

After leaving the world, illustrated by Israel leaving the land of Egypt, we enter into a walk towards that full restoration of Garden life. We journey towards our Rest - our Canaan! And we must walk through a wilderness to get there. Often many believers are not keen in their spiritual senses of intuition and Spirit-leading. (New babes need to mature.) We, as it were, wander in the wilderness somewhat blind until we learn to be led by the Spirit, as the Israelites followed the pillar of cloud and fire.

The candlestick had seven lamps. It was placed in the holy place, which corresponds to the wilderness - the place between Egypt and Canaan - between the outer court and the holiest of holies. It provided sight and vision so that one might find entrance into the Holiest. Without that lamp, the holy place was filled with darkness. By the light of the candlestick one would see the veil. On the veil was embroidered the cherubims - the emblems of restoration.

So much of the tabernacle construction typically speaks of our approach to God. Notably, when the tabernacle was first built, God filled the workers with WISDOM!