MF Blume Jan. 7/96

The text above tells us that people obtain the Tree of Life when they obtain wisdom. Man lost access to the Tree of Life in the garden due to sin. Mankind is now suffering in the midst of turmoil and chaos as a result.

Notice the manner in which God speaks of Wisdom.

Even God used wisdom to found the earth. When all of life is in turmoil and chaos, as the world stood in Chaos when God set to work to rectify it, wisdom of God will make our world's brand new again! Wisdom set the world in order and founds it. It will do the same for our lives.

Wisdom provides one length of days, similar to the eternal life which the tree of life provided for mankind. We will find that the wisdom of God, which the writer of Proverbs is referring to, actually brings us back to the state of life which Adam experienced before the fall while he yet dwelt in the garden of Eden.

Is this not God's whole point of salvation?

Wisdom is said to be riches. Paul explained in Colossians that the riches of wisdom and knowledge are all found "in Christ."

All these references to wisdom and riches found in Christ teach us a wonderful truth! Let us dig these gems out from the Bible!

The fruit of the Tree of Life in Eden was actually the very means by which man would receive eternal life. The wisdom of God provides that very eternal life, for the writer of Proverbs says that length of days is in the hand of wisdom. Picture this as a tree with her fruit. Like the fruit at the tips of the Tree of Life's branches offering eternal life to humanity, wisdom extends its hand, holding length of days for man to partake of. We see that Wisdom is indeed likened to a Tree of Life! The fruit on the Tree of Life correspond to the length of days in the HAND of Wisdom.

Praise God for the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the RIGHT HAND of God. The term "Right hand" refers to the place of POWER in Biblical texts. For example:

"Right Hand of God" is not a physical location of position, since God is omnipresent and how could one stand BESIDE One who is omnipresent? How can one stand beside someone who is everywhere, and has no side? The truth of the matter is that the term refers symbolically to the power of God.

Even today we use the term, "right hand man" when speaking of the representation of a powerful person.

Jesus Christ is God come in the flesh (1 Tim. 3:16; John 1:14). He is God's right hand. He is the manner by which God has REACHED down from out of the unseen spiritual domain in order to touch physical humanity and give eternal life! In the HAND of wisdom is length of days. In Christ is the treasures of wisdom and knowledge and eternal life! This RIGHT HAND of God, Jesus Christ, hung on a Tree that meant death for Him, but which became a tree of LIFE for us!!

Jesus Christ is the fruit of eternal life hanging from the Tree of Life for us to eat of an live forever. He is Life to those who will BELIEVE HIS WORDS. This element of believing is very important. Let us see how God reasons this to be so.

Since He is the word made flesh, His flesh represents the WORD of God. Thus eating His flesh means believing His words.

This same Gospel of John told us earlier...:

Some believe that, in John 6, Jesus meant that His literal body was actually in the bread from which we are to take communion. This is not true. The bread REPRESENTS His Body which was the WORD MADE FLESH. We know that Jesus implied the WORD when He referred to His flesh because we read the following in John 6, after Jesus spoke of eternal life in His flesh and after the multitudes, who merely sought for miracles rather than truth, left:

Peter knew what Jesus referred to. He knew that Jesus pointed mankind to His Words which will give the believer eternal life.

Jesus' words are life-giving to them who BELIEVE. You could say that the Word of God is the fruit of eternal life! In reading John 6, we find that His WORDS are to be understood as being the source of wisdom and knowledge. Not His literal flesh.

Look at the note about being WISE again connected to the Tree of Life. "Wisdom" is in the fruit of righteousness. And Jesus is that fruit of eternal life, fully righteous, of which we may partake and receive His righteousness and eternal life, ourselves! See the connection? We are told by Jesus, Himself, in the New Testament that we must seek HIS righteousness, and not our own. By eating the fruit of righteousness we are receiving HIS righteousness into our lives!! And how do we eat the fruit of righteousness? We BELIEVE HIS WORDS.

Joshua received the spirit of WISDOM when Moses laid his HANDS upon him.

This wisdom equipped Joshua to lead God's people into Canaan. Canaan, the promised land, today represents the attainment of God's promises. We know that the promises of God are yea and amen for all humanity to enjoy. But there is a stipulation to being able to partake of these promises. They are yea and amen to THEM THAT BELIEVE THEM.

Like Joshua, we must receive the Wisdom of God so that we might gain access to the paradise of God's blessings in the Land of Promises. Wisdom will help us enjoy all that God has to offer us.


Canaan is likened to the REST which God ordained for man to enter. It is the GOAL of the believer in this life after we are saved. Man did not enter this Rest since Adam's time until Christ's day. Throughout Hebrews chapters 3 and 4, we read of a warning to the Hebrews, and to ourselves, about not entering God's REST due to unbelief. In this discourse, the writer compares that REST we are to enter as believers after our salvation with the Promised Land and with the Sabbath day.

We know that the Promised Land was not actually the REST God intended for man, and only a shadow of it, since we read the following:

Notice that the writer informs us that the people who BELIEVE are the ones who enter into Rest.

It is not a Sabbath day he is talking about, for Sabbath keeping does not require faith. If it was a Sabbath day that God was referring to, then why, so long a time after Sabbath was instituted, did God continue to direct people to a rest they had not yet entered?

Notice the details of the following verse from the passage above:

Long after Sabbath was instituted, David wrote of a time for God's people to enter a rest and gave an admonition to the people warning them to not harden their hearts, otherwise they would not enter it. And then we read...

"Jesus", here, is JOSHUA in Greek. Joshua did not lead Israel into the actual Rest intended for mankind, but into a shadow of that Rest when he led them into Canaan. If Joshua had led them into the Rest, why did David later speak of another day in which God would lead people into the Rest long after Joshua was dead and buried?

No, the Land and the Sabbath day were only foreshadows of the actual spiritual Rest into which God would lead man.

There yet remains a Rest to God's people.

The Land of Canaan represents that Rest. So we can look at Canaan and get a glimpse of the spiritual Rest into which we must enter today. It is a place of spirituality and a state in God into which we enter after having BELIEVED in Christ. We are presently growing in faith and heading for that domain of power in Christ. We are, as it were, walking through the wilderness and learning from the trials of life we walk through. The more we grow in faith, the closer we get to this domain. We have left the Egyptian bondage of this world's sin, have crossed the Red Sea waters of baptism and are now following the pillar of God's Spirit, having experienced Spirit baptism.

Notice the likeness between Israel's escape from Egypt and our new birth experience consisting of rebirth of water and Spirit:

Paul compares their Exodus experience with our modern-day experience of new birth of water and Spirit.


So, we see that entering spiritual Canaan is our goal today! The Rest! It is a place of faith wherein we stop relying upon fleshly works to gain higher ground in God, but instead BELIEVE that the Spirit of God within might instead do the necessary works.

Such works are the works people exert in order to please God into granting them righteousness and blessings, as though we EARN them.

If flesh does any work, though, God will not accept it. It does not matter whether those fleshly works are good or not despite popular opinion. It matters that they are flesh., and that fact makes them unacceptable to God.

When we speak of acquiring Wisdom we are not talking about the acquisition of the knowledge of good and evil. It is the TREE OF LIFE we are involved with. Wisdom is a Tree of Life. The knowledge of god and evil was available from the opposite Tree in the garden. The forbidden Tree. People often mistaken the gathering of the knowledge of what is good and bad will make them wise enough to be righteous, for if they obtain such knowledge they feel they can then act upon that knowledge and live righteously. This is not God's will. Notice that this, though, is exactly what people think Christianity is all about! What an error of errors!

Collecting knowledge of what is good and what is evil in order to help us live as better Christians is not sinful. But neither is it God's will. The intentions are perfectly good ones. But they are mistaken intentions. Yes, we must do God's will, but we cannot do so by simply acquiring information as to what is good and what is evil and then acting upon that information accordingly. If we endeavour to nevertheless do this collecting, we are actually saying that all we need is to KNOW what is right and wrong and then we will be able to MAKE OURSELVES better people. This goes against the whole principle of the New Testament.

God's will is that we receive HIS LIFE, HIS SPIRIT, within us by new birth. And then we receive His righteousness. We need not work for that which He grants to us freely. Upon New Birth we are acceptable to God as we can be. His GIFT of righteousness has made us so:

Notice how this gift of righteousness is linked to the idea of REIGNING IN LIFE!! Eternal Life!