M.F. Blume

April 21, 1993

Out from beyond our veils shouts condemnation from our consciences. Every time we look to fleshly sinner-instinct as a means of becoming righteous, we fail and hear condemnation deep within us.

The only way to silence this cry is to cease from failure.

You can't get at your conscience to stop its condemnation. The veil stops you. Your inability stops you. The knowledge of good and evil stops you (see Veil study Lesson 2).

Condemnation is so damaging. We desire peace and a loving atmosphere, and condemnation robs that. People who consistently condemn their children will have miserable and unhappy children.

In like manner, a conscience that isn't at rest and that always condemns us, leaves us as restless people. Since failures spark our consciences into condemning effect, and because man can never rise above failure in his own power, man is a restless creature.

We are in a strait. We know what everybody should be like. And we know that because God made us initially in sinlessness. We fell from the Edenic paradise of sinlessness due to sin. And we now exist in a world that is imperfect. Therefore, not only do we have sinner-instinct, but we all instinctively know how things should be also.

This torments us so! Why do we fail? Failure would not be in our dictionaries had man not fallen into sin.

If man was created sinful at the start, we would not know how to live a life that condemns failures. Condemnation only exists because we're in a place we should not be in. There must have been a fall of man! Otherwise, we would never be condemned.

The conscience knows how perfect we should be. Since we have a conscience, we know we are not where we should be.

Why have a police force if we were never in fear of damaging others or ourselves? We know we are imperfect, and that is why we pay men to enforce laws.

And we must understand that we truly do realize what we should not be doing. Yet we nevertheless continue to do those things. Therefore, we have evidence that proves we are definitely fallen from something better than we now have.

The conscience will only be at rest when we are where we should be. We are meant to be in the deepest presence of God. This is physically impossible at this time. Yet God has provided a way for us to exist as best we can in the present dilemma of having sinful flesh. That provision is the blood of Jesus Christ.

Since God desires as much of man to be saved from eternal death as possible, He has not merely opened the door of escape for only five seconds for as many to enter as are able. This would leave people who have never heard the Gospel out of luck.

God didn't glorify man's body immediately after the Gospel was preached. Many believed the Gospel when it was first preached, but that was only in a small area in Israel.

God gave time for the Gospel to spread and to finally reach every nation. Elsewise it would not be fair to the other nations who would not have a chance. Then, once every nation had heard the Gospel, He will take away those who believed and put them in His deepest presence for all eternity.

We ought not concern ourselves over deceased loved ones who only knew so much of the Gospel. As long as they believed what they knew and repented, we know God will deal fairly.

Maybe as you read this, a man of God is preparing to minister to the last nation and tribe which has not yet heard the Gospel. When that nation has heard, and has been given ample time to repent and live for God, then will the end come!

Until that time comes, He has given us provision to live in victory. The blood of Jesus not only saves, but keeps us saved. And this blood keeps us in temporal perfection to silence the conscience and its condemnation.

Hebrews 9:9 states that the Old Covenant could not please the conscience. People may try to convince their minds that they are perfect or complete, but the conscience will say, "Not according to me are you perfect."

You can't fool the conscience. You can only sear it - 1 Timothy 4:2. You can only shut it up.

He. 9:14 says we need our conscience freed from failures which exist due to dead works; or due to empty, useless efforts to become just.

He. 10:2 says if we have a guilty conscience after offering sacrifices that only foreshadowed the very image of the true remedy, our makeup will have not been perfected. The very image which was foreshadowed by the old rituals is Jesus Christ and His blood. He. 10:4 says, the blood of bulls and goats cannot remove sins. They are mere foreshadowing.

Verse 5 says, The offering of the sinless body of Jesus was God's will instead. The will of God was not sacrifice of animals and offering of their blood. So, Jesus came to do the will of God. And the will of God was to offer sinless Christ for sins.

Since its such a successful offering, and the conscience is silenced as result of its power, He only had need of dying once. verse 14.

The power of His blood has the goods to forever perfect and complete us as far as the conscience is concerned.

Verse 22 - We have a means to settle the conscience, unlike the unending offerings of bull's blood.

Only the physical elements of ritual ministry were purged by blood in those Old Testament days. Hebrews 9:18-22.

He. 9:26 - Christ put away sin by the sacrifice of Himself.

Vv. 27-28 - We only die once, so Christ died once for us. And we'll be judged as sinless on that day ahead.

Hebrews 10:13 compares with Matthew 24:14. All enemies are overcome when all nations have believed the Gospel.

Earth is His footstool. And all demon princes holding back the Gospel from each nation will be defeated after each nation hears! Enemies are under Jesus' foot. The demonic heads, representing their authority, will be under the Lord's foot!