All creation was affected by death when Adam sinned.

We are already reconciled to God in Christ before all creation will be.

But all creation will be reconciled in Christ also. In Adam's day the cherubim blocked the entrance to the garden bearing their faces of the OX, LION, MAN, and EAGLE, according to Ezekiel's vision..

There is the presence of the cherubim in many of the instances when God dealt with all of creation. And the rainbow is involved also.

Notice that the four faces of the cherubim represent these four classes of creation including man. In fact, Adam named the CATTLE, BEASTS, FOWL and his own human wife! These are the four faces of the cherubims.

Man's link with the fish and sea creatures and creeping things apparently was not in effect as it was with these others. And read the following interesting passage of scripture.

It appears that there are two covenants noted here. The first in verse 15 regarding Noah, and the everlasting covenant noted in verse 16 being a broader covenant involving all creation. Could the EVERLASTING GOSPEL in Rev. be this same message?

Could the everlasting covenant involve the creation getting back to God again since the fall of creation at the Garden? Ezekiel saw the cherubim with the faces of the creatures represented in Noah's covenant (Gen. 9:9) and he saw a rainbow in the chariot of the cherubim also.

So these Cherubim seem to represent Emblems of the Restoration of creation. In Rev. 4 we find the FOUR BEASTS with the faces of the cherubim!

And these beasts praise God, and thus inspire the 24 elders to worship Him in a most unique manner.

They worship God for CREATION, and how CREATION was made for God's pleasure!

Revelation speaks of the end of the age, where the restoration will be fulfilled. And we see indication that the cherubim REMIND the 24 elders of the fact that creation fell, but it is still God's creation made for His pleasure! Hence we can read between the lines and see that they are actually saying, "Creation may have fallen, but God created it for His pleasure. Therefore, creation is to be restored to Him once again!"


As it was in the Old Creation, it is opposite in the New. God is accomplishing a NEW CREATION. All affected by sin is OLD. And the OLD must pass away.

The first thing made was the heaven and the earth. These are the that will be made in the New Creation. The New Heaven and New Earth are made AFTER all else has been made new (Rev. 21:1). Man was made last in the old creation. Man is now made FIRST in the New (Col. 1:20-21). This only stands to reason since you cannot have a New Heaven and New Earth made first only to be corrupted by Old creatures. God must work in reverse order. Make the inhabitants of the New earth to come first, so that there will be no more contamination to deal with again in the New Earth.

Our OLD MAN must remain dead along with the Old Covenant and such in the coffin of the ark of the Covenant. The OLD SERPENT (Rev. 12:9) affects THE OLD MAN.


But those made New who rely on the blood and have destroyed the Old Man (Ro. 6:6) with its affections and lusts are not susceptible the clutches of the Old Serpent from Eden.

The Woman who is clothed with the sun is ABOVE the world in the HEAVENS. And the Dragon is cast DOWN to earth, below the woman, for we are seated together with him in heavenly places.

Those of the Woman, the MANCHILD, "OVER-come" the Old Serpent, since they are born of the Woman as a New Creature. This second Eve, the Woman, bride to the Last Adam, Jesus, is superior to the "old Eve" and defeats the OLD SERPENT. And her Seed, the Manchild, as opposed to Eve's firstborn, Cain, bring down the accusations of Satan and strengthen Michael on their behalf to thrust the Old Serpent down. Instead of Cain thrusting down Abel, the Manchild casts down the serpent that crouched at Cain, tempting him to murder. By the WORD of our TESTIMONY we overcome. The Ark of the Covenant or Testimony is our place of REST (we are seated with Him), and speaks of Christ the WORD. Hence the ARK, the WORD OF TESTIMONY, overcame the serpent, with the Ark's cherub, Michael, the warrior archangel.

Michael fights for those who rest on the blood of Christ, the epicenter of the New Covenant with it's destructive effects against the Devil. The Word of our Testimony is Christ. And the Blood agrees with the Word!

The water is the washing of water by the Word. Thinking about the "Word of their testimony" in Rev. 12:10-11, which connects Michael's warfare against the Dragon with the Blood, it is wondrous to note that the ark of the COVENANT was also called the ARK OF THE TESTIMONY!

And the blood spilled onto the ark's mercy seat connects us with the overcomers weaponry of the BLOOD OF THE LAMB.


One can say that the ark of the covenant and the Holiest place were actually part and parcel of the New Covenant. Man could only enter once a year, and that after much ritual.

It was as much as saying the priests of the Old Testament merely tasted of the glory to come in the New Covenant! The Holiest was known as the SECOND TABERNACLE in Hebrews 9, whereas the Outer Court and Holy Place were the First Tabernacle with all it's ritual.

The veil was part of the first, only to be removed when the First tabernacle was removed.

The rituals were veiled ministration under Moses, symbolised by his veiled face when God's glory saturated him and formed a reflection.

Moses, in effect, entered the true holiest, but could not dwell there.

We see the full force of all His glory since the veils upon our hearts are removed by turning to Christ.


And the Cherubim always showed up when anything of major dealings with the CREATION occurred. Ezekiels' visions of the cherubim occurred in regards to the removal of glory from Israel's temple.

Such an event involved a major aspect of God's dealing with all mankind, in that Israel was witness to the world of God's sovereignty. We are glorified with HIS Righteousness as Jesus urged us to seek.

The KINGDOM and HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS go hand in hand.

It is HIS righteousness. His covering of glory. Law urges us to sew up our own coverings of righteousness as foreshadowed by Adam's independence in sewing fig-leaf aprons after committing his sin, in order to solve the problem of his nakedness. Man cannot solve his own problems of sin. Any attempts at doing so are purely incompetent, self-righteous. But such fig-leaf attempts of self- righteousness (Gen. 3:7) are subject to die as we are, and the iniquities of us all blow these faded leaves away like the wind. Coverings are meant to guard us from the elements.

His righteousness is eternal, and not subject to temporal existence only to die. His righteousness heals our sorry states, and there is healing in the leaves of the Tree of Life.


The position of the Cherubim at the entrance to the Garden in Gen. 3:24 seems to have been a note that, though man could not enter at that time due to sin, a way would be open one day. "All creation was affected by you, Adam. But a day will come when humanity and all of CREATION will be reconciled to God!

Look at those faces on the cherubim. They represent all nature that fell. The creature has been made subject to vanity unwillingly - (Romans 8:19-20). They appeared again on the veil in the tabernacle. Notice the entrance to the Garden was on the east side (Gen. 3:24)! And the only entrance to the Tabernacle was on the EAST END! So when you entered the holiest, as well as the outer court, you walked towards the west. And you approached a barrier of the veil embroidered with cherubim (Ex. 26:31). Man was still blocked from entrance into the holiest place as foreshadowed earlier by the GARDEN.

You have the GARDEN "IN" EDEN (Gen 2:8), making Eden a larger district surrounding the Garden. And within the garden was the most holy TREE OF LIFE, completely coinciding with the layout of the tabernacle (Outer Court, Holy Place, and Most Holy Place). Ezekiel 28 refers to what many scholars feel is reference to Satan and his fall. There was no historical KING OF TYRUS, though there was a prince (Ezek. 28:2).

The KING was the force behind the human Prince. Satan was that King. And in verse 14, you see the three sections again. Eden, Garden and Holy Mountain (Outer Court, Holy Place and Most Holy Place).

But in Moses' day, approach was allowed if only for one day out of every year. Atonement was carried out with the shedding of blood and much ritual. The High Priest could enter the Most Holy Place beyond the VEIL embroidered with cherubim. It was as though man could enter the Garden again, but only one day a year. Reconciliation was on it's way to fulfillment!

Notice the following verses in lieu of reconciliation and Moses' day.

After Moses came along something changed! Death no longer held sway. It seems that the ATONEMENT of Moses' Law involved a death that would dethrone the rule of death let in by Adam. And isn't it wonderful to see that Man could enter the garden, as it were, one day a year (Lev. 16:12- 14). There is a definite link, here. He could, in effect, pass the cherubim as represented on the veil, but it could not happen every day (Lev. 16:2). Nevertheless, approach was at least available.

The VEIL WAS RENT in Jesus crucifixion as He died (Mark 15:37-38). The cherubim blocking man's way, but for one day a year, actually were removed for all those who believe in Jesus' atonement for mankind's reconciliation to God! Through the CROSS, Jesus' blood was shed. And the High Priest, Jesus Christ (Hebrews 4:14), took His own blood into the holiest of heaven and offered it to the Father. We can now come BOLDLY to the throne of MERCY as symbolised by the MERCY SEAT on the ark of the covenant within the holiest (Hebrews 4:16), because of Jesus' blood.


There is an interesting passage in John 20:17 where Mary saw Jesus.

The Lord instructed her to avoid touching Him since He had not yet ascended to the Father. What does this mean? In verse 27 he allows Thomas to touch Him eight days later.

There is a verse in Leviticus 16:17 that explains Jesus' words to Mary.

During the annual Atonement, the High Priest had gone through much ceremony of purification for the rite of atonement in offering the blood on the mercy seat of the Ark. The verse tells us that no one could be in the tabernacle when the high priest made his way to the veil and the holiest to pass through and offer the blood. Should one touch him, the complete ceremony of purification would have been destroyed. The High Priest would be unclean. Jesus was actually ready to ascend to the Father after His resurrection to present the blood as man's atonement! And Mary was not to touch Him. Praise God! The covenant of reconciliation to God was made through the cross by Jesus' blood!


In Numbers 2 we find reference to the situation of the camps around the Tabernacle. When the pillar of fire stopped moving and leading Israel through the wilderness the people had to stop their journey and pitch their tents. The Tabernacle was then set up and everyone positioned themselves around the tabernacle as the Lord had instructed in Numbers 2. On the EAST of the tabernacle, the three tribes of Judah, Issachar and Zebulun pitched tent under Judah's banner. On the SOUTH, the tribes of Reuben Simeon and Gad pitched under Reuben's banner. On the WEST, the tribes of Ephraim, Manasseh and Benjamin pitched under Ephraim's standard. And on the NORTH, Dan, Asher and Naphtali pitched under Dan's standard. This is very fascinating, because the standards of Judah, Reuben, Ephraim and Dan are respectively symbolized with a LION, MAN, YOUNG OX and EAGLE! The four faces of the cherubim! Now, they pitched their tents with the doors facing the Tabernacle. That meant their backs were exposed to any potential enemy that might fall upon them. Oh, but there was no danger.

The faces of the Cherubim were represented on each of the four camp banners to indicate the protective forces of the angles over those who abide by the COVENANT! And the NUMBER of the people under each of these four camps also indicates a beautiful truth. There were 186,400 people at the EAST of the tabernacle. There were 151,450 - SOUTH 108,100 people WEST 157,600 people NORTH. The north and south were relatively similar in size. The EAST was the largest group. And the West the smallest group. YOU CAN SEE THE CROSS in this layout.

Picture the largest mass of people at the east as the trunk of the cross. And head of the cross would correspond with the WEST (smallest number of people). The two arms were relatively the same size, North and South.

The Tabernacle was in the middle. And the heart of the cross is the glory of God where we are reconciled to Him! The cross is the only way to reconciliation with God, due to the SHED BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST offered on the true altar and sprinkled on the true mercy seat! The HEART of God is RECONCILIATION WITH MANKIND - God's greatest love. His cherubim will keep those who trust in His blood!